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Learn to Wait for String quartet 2022
Organotopia Everything can be remade 2022
Forbidden Love to words from female Afghan poet 2022
Tide of Darkness for 2 organists 2022
Typo an audiovisual installation 2021
Weightless Gold for organ, strings and percussion 2021
Se Skogen for youth orchestra and groups of focus instruments 2021
Marna vs. Sleipner for quartet & ship engines 2020
Useful Ball Skills for violin and double bass 2020
Hornflowers for brass quintet 2019
Sju smilefjes / Seven Smileys for young string orchestra 2019
House of Sound for orchestra 2019
Tuning Voices for vocal group and hardanger fiddle 2018
In Short for string orchestra 2017
Varen-fanfaren for the opening of a culture house 2017
Singing Stones for brass quintet and organ 2017
Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ for New Orgelbüchlein 2017
Muohta Language of snow 2017
Beethoven-nummeret for orchestra, organ and recorded voice 2016
Sudden Landscapes for organ and orchestra 2016
Orgelskipet for organ, carillon and sinfonietta 2016
Stop Motion Toccatas for organ 2016
Små ting jeg har funnet simple pieces for organ 2016
Wind Scupltures for sheng, organ and orchestra 2016
the Schubert Moment remake of Schubert's dances 2015
Høgsongen - the Song of Songs "Eg søv, men hjartet vaker" 2015
3 Piano Miniatures 2014
Deep Toccata for organ and orchestra 2014
Stormen - The Tempest A children's opera 2014
Passacaglia Meltdown for organ, work in progress 2013
Orgelsyntese music for the inauguration of a concert hall organ 2013
Sound Safari for the opening of Stavanger concert hall 2012
Orgelmaskinen interactive installation 2012
Travelling Songs for folk singers and ensemble 2012
Guitar Machine / Tou Tower for multiple el-guitars 2011
Game Of Three piano trio 2011
Yet The Sea Is Never Full for choir & sax.quartet 2011
Venezia for wind orchestra 2011
Concerto Grosso for 22 string players 2010
Interludes for Buxtehude to "Jesu membra nostri" 2010
Mazurka - remaking Chopin for piano and gypsy orchestra 2009
Cello Stories a cello concerto 2009
Catch Light concerto for violin, percussion & orch. 2009
Resonans for carillon & electronics 2008
Crossing Grieg for hardanger fiddle and piano 2008
Fish svummen for mixed choir 2008
The Bloom Is Not A Bloom for 5 male voices 2008
Beats, Bridges, Ruptures and Games for organ and percussion 2008
Close At Distance for Yang qin and orchestra 2008
Trout collaborative work for a dance performance 2008
Eg og du for children's choir 2008
Bakkantinnene music to a theatre play 2007
Griegs akkord for brass ensemble & harp 2007
Grader av hvitt for speaking voice & orchestra 2007
Farteins hage sound installation 2005
Grand Mutation with Lasse Marhaug 2005
Masinandraina music to a theatre play on Fartein Valen 2004
Wind Songs for 2 girls' choirs & orchestra 2003
Broken Line for string quartet 2003
Kom Regn with Anne-Lise Berntsen 2003
Scream Soft for tuba & percussion 2002
Nicht for speaking voice & ensemble 2002
Glass House for saxophone quartet 2001
Wedding Music for the Crown Prince and Princess 2001
Chase for sextet or string orchestra 2001
Orkan A cycle of pieces to Obstfelder's poems 2001
Spør havet for mixed choir 2000
Turba for soli, choir & orchestra 2000
Navigo for violin and cello 1999
Preludium for solo cello 1999
Nocturne for soprano and piano 1999
Isens rose for soprano and piano 1999
Medusa for oboe quartet 1999
Vardøger music to an outdoor play 1999
Burning Ice for brass quintet & percussion 1999
Salmenes bok the Book of Psalms - for choir and two organs 1998
Strandhogg for Stavanger Harbour 1998
Kyrie & Sanctus for 8-part mixed choir 1998
Don Giovanni Metamorphoses for orchestra 1997
Blowout for Stavanger Harbour 1996
Skisser fra fjæra for young string orchestra 1996
Axis an interactive installation 1995
Engleskyts with Anne-Lise Berntsen 1994
Official Fanfare for the Olympic Winter Games 1994
Stans dit spill for soprano and cello 1993
Etyder over tiden for string orchestra / youth orchestra 1992
Summer’s Play for violin and piano 1992
Martin Luther Kings himmelferd et kirkedrama 1990
Speil for orchestra 1987
In Between for oboe and live electronics 1986
Vannspeil for piano trio 1985
Som ringer i vann for percussion ensemble & electronics 1984
Opening for orchestra 1983
Vår Herre Krist i dødens bånd Chorale Fantasy for organ 1983
Salme 90 for 8-part choir, 4 violins, percussion and organ 1983
Genesis for string quartet 1982
Orgeleik for organ 1979
Vindu for violin and piano 1979
Suite for piano piano solo 1977
Ensemble Music for 5 fl, cl, vln, vlc, perc 1977
Piece for piano piano solo 1975