By Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer and Nils Henrik Asheim.  A cycle of 12 songs inspired by vocal techniques, elements of sacred music and the endless possibilities of fusion between organ and voice. More info here

In the project Angrusori, initiated by Kitchen Orchestra, Tou Scene (Stavanger, Norway) and Cinefil (Kosice, Slovakia), Roma musicians from Slovakia meet Norwegian musicians.

This project in progress deals with Franz Schubert's dances for piano. They are re-composed for an ensemble of string instruments and percussion. A work-in-progress performance of 25 minutes duration took place at the Norwegian Academy of Music in april 2014.

Chopin’s Mazurkas meets the Balkan / Gypsy orchestra instrumentation in a surrealistic but respectful way. Nils Henrik Asheim, piano, with Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester (Gjertrud's Gypsy Orchestra).

Kitchen Orchestra and Stavanger Baroque are joining forces in this project curated and lead by Nils Henrik Asheim.  A set of Italian baroque pieces in adventurous arrangements crossing from contemporary experimental to jazz - with a lot of humour.

Stavanger based composers Dag Egil Njaa and Nils Henrik Asheim have recycled old home organs and stacked them together as the Organ Machine – inviting you to be the performer. The sounds you play mix with the sounds played by people before you, enveloping us in a magical cloud of musical patterns.

The improvising collective  Stavanger Kitchen Orchestra was co-founded by Nils Henrik Asheim and fellow musicians in 2005. He appears freqently with the orchestra as keyboard player, project leader, or as Master of Ceremonies for their legendary Christmas Concert.

A new interpretation of Edvard Grieg's Slåtter (Peasant dances), opus 72.
Håkon Asheim, hardanger fiddle, and Nils Henrik Asheim, piano.

This chamber concert programme was performed at the Bergen Festival 2005, Troldsalen. Programme: Piano pieces by Valen and Schönberg, Valen’s Trio and Schönberg’s Chamber Symphony nr.1 in Quintet version. Plus Valen’s Nenia and Nils Henrik Asheim’s violin solo miniatures.