22 dec  Mysteriets ansikter - Faces of Mystery. Stavanger konserthus
Christmas Concert. Baroque and ancient music and visual arts + improvisations and plainchant. Guests: Schola Solensis

7 dec Kitchen Orchestra Christmas Concert, Folken, Stavanger

14 nov   Muohta (Nordic Council Music Prize) at Nordic Music Days, Bodø
Arctic Philharmonic and Vocal Art / Ketil Almenning

4-7 nov  Tuning Voices (Graatarslagjet) tour with Song Circus / Britt Pernille Frøholm
Bergen - Hamar - Trondheim - Bodø + 12 nov Stavanger

7-10 nov conference on Hyperorgans, Orgelpark, Amsterdam

26 oct   Solo concert (improvisations) , Budolfi church, Ålborg, Denmark

19 oct  Orgelnatt / Screen City, Stavanger konserthus
Visual art and new music in collab with Screen City Biennial. Michelle-Marie Letelier, Kalma, Marjolijn Dijkman, Toril Johannessen, Henry Vega, Jan Willem Troost, Øyvind Brandtsegg, Nils Henrik Asheim, Tarjei Nygård, DJ

13 oct   Salmenes Bok - The Book of Psalms - Oslo Cathedral / Oslo Orgelfestival
A 1 hour-long work (1998) for choir and two organs. Oslo Domkor, Kåre Nordstoga and NHA

8 oct   Glasshus (Glass House) Stockholm, with Stockholms Saxophone Quartet
ECCO European Contemporary Composers Orchestra / ECSA

29 sep   Scream Soft, Bergen, Brasswind
with Berger Iver Færder (tuba) & Jennifer Torrence (perc.)

28 sep  Hornflowers (WP) og Singing Stones with NyNorsk Messingkvintett, Bergen,
Kirkeautunnalen & Brasswind festival

21 sep Membra Jesu Nostri-remake Stavanger dom, + sep 22 Utstein kloster
New lyrics by Gunnar Wærness. Stavanger Barokk. Buxtehude and improvisations

14 sep  Tuning Voices (Graatarslagjet) with Song Circus / Britt Pernille Frøholm
Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Jakobkirken

12 sep  Foredrag: Bach og orgel for dummies, Sølvberget, Stavanger

1 sep  Piknik med orgelet, Family concert Stavanger konserthus

1-4 aug  Pilgrim i orgelsko - kurs for unge organister, Trondheim


jun 22-23  Recording MUOHTA, Oslo, for BIS records
Det Norske Solistkor/Grete Pedersen and Ensemble Allegria

14 jun   Orgelvandring, Stavanger sentrum
Guided tour of 4 churches/organs in Stavanger

24 may  Performing in "Burdocks" by Christian Wolff, Stavanger konserthus
NyMusikk: Only Connect / Tectonics festival

18 may  William John Whitehead performs "Wir danken Dir, Jesu Christ"
in Orgelpark, Amsterdam, as a part of New Orgelbüchlein project

8 may WP of House of Sound, Oslo
Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, cond.: Peter Szilvay

5 may  Orgelkino: METROPOLIS, Stavanger konserthus
New music for augmentet organ to Fritz Lang's 1927 movie

28 apr Organ concert,  Soddjazz, Inderøya, Sakshaug kirke
Performing excerpts from Geirr Tveitt: Hundrad Hardingtonar.
Joint bill with Ståle Storløkken and Ingfrid Breie Nyhus,

23 mar  Orgelnatt, Stavanger konserthus: Vertical Piano installation
4 keyboards on balconies in foyer playing between concerts of Rueslåtten/Bugge and Anna von Hausswolff

12-16 mar   WP of Tuning Voices in 5 churches in Rogaland
with Song Circus (vocal quartet) and Britt Pernille Frøholm (hardanger fiddle)

2 feb   Organ recital in Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim
Improvisations & Geirr Tveitt: Hardingtonar

27 feb   Organ recital in Hof Church

21 dec   Mysteriets ansikter
A concert of organ music and sacred artworks. Nils Henrik Asheim, Stavanger concert hall.

15 dec  Kitchen Orchestra Christmas Concert
The yearly event. Folken, Stavanger.

Stavanger Concert Hall. A 9 hr marathon an sonic experience in 2 parallel halls, featuring 8 international organists.

30 oct  Awards Ceremony: Nordisk Råds Musikkpris, Oslo
Nordic Council Music Prize awarded to Nils Henrik Asheim for "Muohta"

24 oct  RECITAL Asheim/Hvizdalek
Agnes Hvizdalek, voice, Nils Henrik Asheim, piano. Sentralen, series Periferien.

11 oct Orgelets Ønskekonsert Fagerborg Kirke (Oslo orgelfestival)
Nils Henrik Asheim, Petter Amundsen, Øystein Bache, Ullern Kammerkor etc.

05 oct  Utyske, Folken
Time-stretched reworking of Messiaen "Apparition de l'église éternelle" for Hammond organ and recorded pipe organ

27 sept  Organ recital, Røros orgelfestival
Bach, Messiaen, Improvisations, Tveitt

16 sept Pilgrim i Orgelsko, Stavanger
Improvisation project with organ and jazz students, St.Johannes church

11 sept  Utdeling av St.Olavs Orden til Nils Henrik Asheim
Reception hosted by the Mayor of Stavanger

19 jun   Oslo-release Asheim / Grieg / Tveitt
Uranienborg Church, Oslo. CD from LAWO Classics.

25 may   CD-release Asheim / Tveitt / Grieg
First CD recorded on the organ of Stavanger concert hall

14 apr   Orgelnatt, Stavanger konserthus
Project ETHN/O/PERA by Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer. With Grzech Piotrowski, saxophones, Sebastian Wypych, bass, Lasse Passage Nøsted, electronics, Kai Johnsen, director, Nils Henrik Asheim, organ

04 apr  Salmekveld på Josefine, Oslo
Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, Skranglebein og Nils Henrik Asheim

17 mar   Orgelets ønskekonsert, Stavanger konserthus
the fifth edition of this very popular event

11 mar   Bamberger Konzert- und Kongresshalle
Recital: Haydn, Brahms, Tveitt, Guilmant, Grieg

2-4 mar  Workshop "Pilgrim i Orgelsko", Oslo
Concert 3 March in Paulus kirke, Sunday service 4 March Sofienberg Kirke,
Oslo International Church Music Festival

24 feb  Kulturhuset, Oslo
Presentation and celebration of the organ of Stavanger concert hall

10 feb   Grue Finnskog kirke, with Elisabeth Vatn
Elisabeth Vatn, bagpipes and reed instruments - Nils Henrik Asheim, organ

16 dec   Kitchen Orchestra: Christmas Concert
NHA as musician, arranger, Sheep and Master of Ceremonies

29 nov   Norsk komponistforening 100 years, Stavanger
Leading a collective improvisation with 35 students of Young Talents Bjergsted

23-25 nov  Workshop "Pilgrim i Orgelsko", Oslo
With 9 young students & Unni Løvlid and Sigbjørn Apeland. Theme: Folk music

18-19 nov   Premiere: Singing Stones, Drammen & Oslo
New piece for brass quintet and organ commissioned by NyNorsk Messingkvintett. With Anders Eidsten Dahl, organ

11 nov  Cello Stories, Trondheim
performed by Marianne Baudouin Lie and Trondheimsolistene

2-3 nov    Vox Humana, Stavanger domkirke - Sandefjord
New voice & organ project with singer Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer

31 oct  Luther's theses 500 years concert Oslo Cathedral
Piano and organ repertoire from 5 centuries. With Elisabeth Thorsen

27-28 oct   Workshop & concert "Pilgrim i Orgelsko", Bergen
Bergen Cathedral. Improvisations, young organ students

26-27-28 oct   Premiere MUOHTA - Solistkoret / Ensemble Allegria
Nøtterøy, Hamar and Oslo. New work for choir and strings based on Sami words for snow.

22 oct - 1 nov  THE TEMPEST - Norwegian National Opera
New premiere of children's opera from 2014. 8 performances.

16 & 17 oct   Trosopplæringskonferansen, the Qube, Gardermoen
Musical leader. New arrangments of hymns and liturgical pieces.

7 oct   Organ Night w Carte Blanche Dance Company, Stavanger
Performing a 1 hour improvisation with dancers. Collaboration with Screen City Moving Image Biennal.

5 oct  Respighi: Pini di Roma & Fontane di Roma
Playing the organ part with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

28 sep & 11 oct  Chase, Fredrikstad & Oslo
Performed by Telemark Kammerorkester

27 sept   Catch Light, KORK, Oslo
The violin and percussion concerto Catch Light in new version for slightly reduces orchestration, played by Peter Herresthal, Joakim Nordin and the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra

16 sep  Premiere: Wir danken dir, herr Jesu Christ
A commission for "New Orgelbüchlein" project, performed by William Whitehead in Stavanger cathedral. Norsk Orgelfestival

15 sep  Premiere: In Short, Ultima, Oslo
New work for strings commissioned by Barrat-Due Junior Orchestra

14 sep  Triptychon by Kjell Mørk Karlsen, Stavanger
Performing with 3 percussion students from UiS. Norsk Orgelfestival

1 sep   Premiere: Varen-Fanfaren, Randaberg
Outdoor commission for the opening of new culture house.

27 aug  Father and son Friedrich, Stavanger konserthus
Performing with Reinhold Friedrich, trumpet and David Friedrich, trombone

16 aug  Recording "Song of songs", Ensemble Allegria
"Eg søv, men hjartet vakar". Jar Kirke, Bærum. String orchestra.

11-13 aug  Workshop "Pilgrim i Orgelsko", Stavanger
Coaching 10 young organ students in improvisation

1 jul  Recital, Vor Frue kirke, Copenhagen
Luther chorales, improvisations, Tveitt Hardingtonar and Grieg's Ballad

20-23 jun Recording sessions, Stavanger konserthus
Recording own transcriptions of Tveitt and Grieg on the organ

 11 jun  Fauré: Requiem with choir and organ, Stavanger konserthus
Stavanger Symphony Choir, Nils Henrik Asheim at the organ. Also playing César Franck's Choral in B minor.

 10 may Rogaland Teater: Indianeren, premiere
Theatre play by Tore Renberg. Soundtrack of Nils Henrik Asheim performing Harald Sæverud's piano pieces

27 apr Deep Toccata,  Karlsruhe
The german premiere of Nils Henrik Asheim's Deep Toccata, by Carsten Wiebusch, organ, and Badische Staatskapelle cond. Johannes Willig. Christuskirche, Karslruhe.

22 apr  Project with Roma musicians from Slovakia, musicians from Kitchen Orchestra and Iva Bittova.
Recording sessions and concert at Tou Scene.

24 mar  Orgelnatt, Stavanger konserthus
For this edition of Organ Night, we have gathered such excellent artists as Nils Bech w/Øyvind Mathisen, Kit Downes / Tom Challenger, Gisle Martens Meyer, Nils Henrik Asheim, with Birk Nygaard and Tord Knudsen collaborating on visuals.

 16-19 mar   Festival Organist at Vinterfestspillene, Røros
Once again a mining city, this time Vinterfestspillene at Røros Church with its two organs, the Baroque instrument from 1741 and the Ryde&Berg organ from 2013. NHA participates in several concerts, collaborating with festival artists and young music pupils.

12 mar  Picnic med orgelet, Stavanger konserthus
Nils Henrik Asheim and Rudi Bjørknes Gundersen invite the audience to sit down on the stage, for a concert and a chat about the organ.

4 feb  Orgelets Ønskekonsert, Stavanger konserthus
This annual Audience Favourites concert is conceived and staged by NHA and bases its programme on votes and proposals from the public. Loreto Aramendi and Marcus Berg are joining NHA at the organ. Stavanger Symphony Choir, Elg and surprise guests. Promo video with Liverpool's football anthem played on the organ.

26-29 jan  Festival Organist at Glogerfestspillene, Kongsberg
To honour the 1765 Baroque organ by Gottfried Gloger, the old silver mining city of Kongsberg arranges their annual festival. NHA participates at several events and performs his own solo concert on Saturday 28 jan at 16:00. To celebrate the Reformation jubilee, the programme will include organ chorales over Martin Luther's own hymns by Renaissance and Baroque composers, as well as improvisations.



16 dec  Kitchen Orchestra, Christmas concert - Tou Scene, Stavanger
The annual event where NHA is master of ceremonies, pianist and arranger. Kitchen Orchestra is Stavanger's large pool of improvising musicians. 

19 nov Obstfelders Orgelnatt, Stavanger konserthus
An evening in Stavanger konserthus' series of Organ Nights, to celebrate the 150 years anniversary of Stavanger-born poet Sigbjørn Obstfelder. NHA is artistic director of the night and plays the organ together with Ståle Storløkken and Daniel Buner Formo - improvised music and Wagner ouvertures. Also appearing: Actor Torbjørn Eriksen, authors Johan Harstad and Fredrik Høyer, Broen, Tord Knudsen, Agatha Wara and Tarik Hindic. See Video of audience portraits by Carsten Aniksdal - video of Obstfelder poem on Concert Hall Façade by Nils Henrik Asheim.

09 nov  PREMIERE -  "Beethoven-nummeret", Stavanger konserthus
A new piece for organ, orchestra, recorded voice and audience's mobile phones, by Nils Henrik Asheim. Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. Text: Øyvind Rimbereid. Annual conference of Norsk Kulturråd. See video.

19 oct   "En grenseløs ønskekonsert", Uranienborg church, Oslo
A concert of popular organ repertoire and transcriptions, together with Guro Asheim, violin. Music by Grieg, Händel, Thalben-Ball, Borodin, Mascagni, Shostakovitch, Williams, Saint-Saëns, Piazzolla and Tveitt.

09 oct   Kitchen Orchestra & Hilmar Jensson - Tou Scene, Stavanger
Pianist in improv concert with Icelandic composer/guitarist Hilmar Jensson. Kitchen Orchestra

15 sep  PREMIERE - Sudden Landscapes
Permiere of new work for organ and orchestra, Stavanger Concert Hall. Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, cond.James Feddeck, Nils Henrik Asheim: organ.   Sudden Landscapes is a large-scale symphonic painting where the organ and the orchestra continuously exchange sounds and blend in different ways. Sudden Landscapes is commisioned by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, with support from the Norwegian Cultural Fund.

28 aug  Bli kjent med orgelet
Ghislain Gourvennec and Nils Henrik Asheim perform and show you the organ of Stavanger konserthus

06 aug   Pilegrim i orgelsko - Nidarosdomen, Trondheim
A pedagogical project with organ pupils. The project was prepared through a workshop in Trondheim in May. All 10 pupils (age 8 to 19) performe two pieces each, and participated in group improvisations. Two new cycles by NHA are premiered: "Small things I have found" and "Stop Motion Toccatas".

22 apr   PREMIERE - Orgelskipet, new work for organ, sinfonietta orchestra and carillon
Orgelskipet starts with music from the carillon, outside the church before the start of the concert. At the start of the concert, organ and orchestra blend into the carillon sound and take over. Vegar Sandholt, carillon, Bjørn Andor Drage, organ, Arctic Sinfonietta, cond.Kai Grinde Myrann. Bodø International Organ Festival.

23 apr   Orgelnatt
In the spirit of the Organ nights in Stavanger konserthus, NHA is staging this evening in Bodø Cathedral. Four organists, Bjørn Andor Drage, Mikael Rönnberg, Carl-Henrik Buschmann and Nils Henrik Asheim. Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat, Ensemble Ylajali, Anne-Liis Poll, Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, dancers from Pias Ballettstudio and Tord Knudsen, light design. Video of Prince tribute: Purple Rain, 4 organs.

1 apr   PREMIERE - Wind Sculptures
At the opening of Orgelkraft, NHA's new piece Wind Sculptures for Sheng and orchestra, is premiered by Wu Wei and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, cond.Rossen Gergov. 

1-3 apr   Orgelkraft festival - Stavanger konserthus
3 days of concerts and explorations. Orgelkraft is a new festival created by NHA, which will possibly happen every third year in Stavanger konserthus. Stavanger Symfoniorkester,  Wu Wei, Björn Steinar Solbergsson, Christian Schmitt, Anna von Hausswolff, Ådne Sæverud, John Derek Bishop, Bow To Each Other, Guttorm Andreasen, Hagit Yakira, Hampus Lindwall, Aurélie Franck, Cindy Castillo Morten Qvenild, Sigbjørn Apeland, Viola Organista/Slawomir Zubrzycki, Sarah Kim.

28 feb  Concert on harmonium, melodica etc at Norsk Barnemuseum

23 jan   Orgelets Ønskekonsert - Stavanger konserthus
The 3rd edition of the Audience Favourites concert. Organists: Gunnar Petersen-Øverleir, Babett Hartmann and NHA.  See video.

19 dec   Kitchen Orchestra: Christmas Concert
Introducing artists on video at the yearly Christmas extravaganza.

11 dec  Performing Widor at UiS Christmas Concert

26 nov  New PREMIERE: Revised "Cello Stories", Trondheim
This piece from 2009 is now thoroughly revised. Soloist Marianne Baudouin Lie. Trondheimsolistene, cond.Øyvind Gimse.

19 nov  Vaughan Williams with SSO
Playing the organ part on Vaughan Williams' Sinfonia Antarctica, Stavanger konserthus

31 oct   Thomas Dybdahl, Stavanger
Guest organist with Thomas Dybdahl at his solo concert in Stavanger konserthus.

30 oct  Solo organ recital, Røa Kirke, Oslo
Performing Grieg, Borodin, Shostakovitch, Saint-Saëns, Satie, Piazzolla, Thalben-Ball and Grieg. Røa musikkfestuker.

29 oct   Orgelsjøen, with Øyvind Rimbereid, Bergen Cathedral
A duo project with Ø.R. reading his poems and N.H. playing together with guests: Sigurd Øgaard on organ and volunteers on slide whistles. After-concert talk in Bergen Library. Bergen Kirkeautunnale.

29 oct  Solo organ recital, Mariakirken, Bergen
Performing Mozart, Frescobaldi+improvisations work-in-progress and Bach's Passacaglia. Bergen Kirkeautunnale.

24 oct   Open Day at Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
Organ station for families in Stavanger konserthus. Organ pipes, harmonium, melodica etc.

16 oct  Orgelnatt: Screen City
Curating Orgelnatt + performing. Premiere of Bass Machine for organ and 6 bass guitars. 

04 oct   Organ solo, Eglise du Saint-Esprit, Paris
30 minutes improvisation to be heard on Soundcloud

02 oct   Piano solo, Earwaves festival, Stavanger
Performing a 25 minutes improvised solo at Per Zanussi's festival for improvised music.

27 sep  Concert, Steinkjer Church
With Jon-Pål Inderberg, Trønderkor and Steinkjer Kammerkor. Organ repertoire and improvisations.

20 sep  Commotio by Carl Nielsen, with dance
At Norsk Orgelfestival, performing Carl Nielsens piece from 1931 with new choreography.

13 sep  Kitchen Orchestra 10 years: Lotte Anker "Transcending Jukebox", Tou Scene
Conducting the premiere of Lotte Anker's commission.

05 sep  PREMIERE: "Knut sine stemmer", OsloA 10 minutes piece to commemorate composer and choir conductor Knut Nystedt on his 100th anniversary. Det Norske Solistkor, Ensemble Allegria, Concentus and former Solistkor singers seated in the audience. Choir, string orchestra and electronic soundtrack.

03 sep  Concert on harmonium, melodica etc at Norsk Barnemuseum

30 aug  Organ, cello and singer, Stavanger konserthus
Performing with Liv Opdal and Eva Bjerga Haugen, as opening of the Organ season in Stavanger konserthus

28 aug  Performing Nystedt "Exultate" + "Pieta" for organ at Orgel i Sentrum, St.Johannes, Stavanger

15 aug   Gathering for Mozart + organ solo
Gala concert of International Chamber Music Festival, Stavanger konserthus. Fanfare from 10 aug repeated

10 aug   Premiere: Gathering for Mozart
A fanfare for the opening concert of International Chamber Music Festival, Stavanger Cathedral.

04 jun     PREMIERE: Eg søv, men hjartet vaker
A new work for string orchestra and actor, based on texts from the Song of Songs. Ensemble Allegria and Ane Dahl Torp. Bergen International Festival.

30 may    Orgelnatt, Stavanger konserthus
Orgelnatt With Sandra Kolstad, Arve Henriksen, Eirik Raude, Lasse Marhaug. DJ: Tarjei Nygård. Visuals by Tord Knudsen.

5-6-7 may   Zanussi/Asheim/Solberg Trio with John Butcher
5 may: Mir, Oslo
6 may: Vanntårnet, Nesodden
7 may: Tou Scene, Stavanger

23 apr   Introducing Mahler 5
on stage with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

15 apr   Introducing Beethoven's opus 131
on stage with Vertavo Quartet, Aulaen, Oslo

14 apr   PREMIERE: The Schubert Moment (work in progress)
Oslo, Norwegian Academy of Music, as a part of "The Reflective Musician" festival. Dances by Franz Schubert, re-composed for an ensemble of 5 musicians, based on folk-music and other references.

13 apr   Presenting Beethovens string quartet opus 131
Interactive lecture with the Vertavo Quartet at the Norwegian Music Academy.

11 apr   PREMIERE: Miranda Alone
A new piece for viola solo, based on material from the children's opera "The Tempest", performed by Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad. National Library, Oslo

10+11 apr  "Nomade", a project for children in collaboration with Bert Bernaerts.
Children from Johannes Læringssenter and students from Stavanger Katedralskole play on Bernaerts' custom made instruments of tubes and shells. Big Bang music festival for children, Stavanger konserthus

15 mar    "Etyder over tiden" for string orchestra
performed by Oslo Camerata and students from Steinerskolen i Vestfold. Svenska Margaretakyrkan, Oslo Internasjonale Kirkemusikkfestival

08 mar    Lyden av kirken, Klæbu
Participating with organ improvisations in collaborative concert directed by Asbjørn Berson

03 mar   Organist conference, Tønsberg
Lecture & performing Knut Nystedt's Exultate and Pieta in Tunsberg Cathedral

07 feb    Orgelets Ønskekonsert, Stavanger konserthus
Curating, directing and co-performing this yearly event (first time: 2014) where the audience have been invited to vote on the programme. See photo album.

08 jan    Solo concert, All Ears festival, Oslo Domkirke
A 40 minutes solo concert on the Cathedral organ, as part of the festival's opening event. To be heard on Soundcloud.

12.12.14    Kitchen Orchestra: Christmas Concert, Tou Scene   

28.11.14    Concert, Dominican Monastery, Kosice (Slovakia)
Improvised music together with Iva Bittova, Petter Frost Fadnes and Ståle Birkeland.    

18.11.14    Zanussi/Asheim/Solberg trio at MIR
Free improvised music at the Blowout concert series.   

16.11.14    Orgelmiks: Rørfløytenes Dans, Stavanger konserthus
Flute and organ concert with Vidar Austvik and students.    

12.11.14    Orgelsjøen, Bodø Cathedral
Concert with poet Øyvind Rimbereid with selections from his book Orgelsjøen. Gro Bergrabb also joining in. Pre-talk at the new Stormen Library.    

09.11.14    PREMIERE: Deep Toccata, Nidaros Cathedral
performed by Magne Draagen (organ) and Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, in Trondheim Cathedral (Nidarosdomen) at the magnificent, newly restored 130-stop Steinmeyer organ.   

24.10.14    Orgelnatt, Stavanger konserthus
With Stian Westerhus & Pale Horses, Nils Økland, Helga Guren, Thomas Torstrup, Dag Egil Njaa, visuals by Tord Knudsen.    

02.10.14    GRADER AV HVITT, Stavanger konserthus
For the second time, SSO perform Grader av Hvitt (2007), a monodrama for orchestra, narrator & electronic sounds to a text by Johan Harstad. Lena Kristin Ellingsen in the main role. Kyrre Heldal Karlsen and Carsten Aniksdal, visuals. Christian Eggen is conducting.   

28.09.14    Galen i orgelet, Stavanger konserthus
A family concert with organ, together with the Galen i Halen group  

11.09.14    Opening night of Kåkå kverulantkatedralen, Cafe Sting, Stavanger
Performing Kurt Weill music on pump organ with electronics   

07.09.14    Orgelsjøen, Ulvik Poetry Festival
Concert with poet Øyvind Rimbereid with selections from his book Orgelsjøen. Pipe organ and pump organ+electronics. Ulvik Church.    

21.08.14    PREMIERE: Piano Miniatures, Oslo Chamber Music Festival
Håvard Gimse performs 3 piano miniatures, in a programme featuring miniatures by 19 Norwegian composers. Poetry readings by Lise Fjelstad. Litteraturhuset.   

12.08.14    Crossing Grieg at Rudersdal festival
Brothers Håkon and Nils Henrik Asheim's collaboration on Grieg's "Slåtter" opus 72, preceded by a concert in the church with organ improvisations, Grieg's Holberg Suite on the organ and folk tunes on fiddle.   

10.08.14    Game of Three at Rudersdal festival, Denmark
Nils Henrik Asheim is featured festival composer at Rudersdal Sommerkoncerter 2014. Ensemble Nordlys performs the piano trio "Game of Three" at the opening concert of the festival.

12.06.14+13-19.06   PREMIERE:  THE TEMPEST - the story of Miranda and Ferdinand
Norwegian National Opera, Oslo.  8 performances in Scene 2.
Nils Henrik Asheim's new opera to a libretto by Rune Belsvik draws its inspiration from Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and Arne Nordheim's ballet music. The Norwegian Opera and Ballet's Childrens' Choir and Childrens' Ballet.

27.04.14    Organ Concert, Steinkjer Church
With Jon-Pål Inderberg and Trønderkor.    

05.04.14    Ny Musikks Spring Concert, Tou Scene, Stavanger
Zanussi/Asheim/Solberg trio performing along with many other groups   

03.04.14    Johannes Brahms: Deutsches Requiem, Stavanger konserthus
Performing the organ part with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Choir, Conductor: Michael Jurowski.   

28.03.14    Faust by F.W.Murnau, organ to silent movie
Levanger Church.    

20.03.14    PREMIERE: Sudden Landscapes part 1
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra have commissioned a new concerto for organ and orchestra from Nils Henrik Asheim. Conducted by Christian Vasquez.   

16.02.14    Orgelets Ønskekonsert 2014, Stavanger konserthus
First occurence of this yearly event where the audience have been invited to vote on the programme. With Janove Ottesen, guest vocals, Espen Beranek Holm, master of ceremonies, Stavanger Symphony Choir, organists Kåre Nordstoga and Ingrid Berg Tobiassen. Visuals by Tord Knudsen. NHA curating, directing and co-performing.