Title Description Soundsample Year
House of Sound for orchestra 2019
Tuning Voices for vocal group and hardanger fiddle 2018
Singing Stones for brass quintet and organ 2017
Muohta language of snow 2017
In Short for string orchestra 2017
Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ Organ chorale for "New Orgelbüchlein" 2017
Varen-Fanfaren opening music for a culture house 2017
Sudden Landscapes for organ and orchestra 2016
Beethoven-nummeret for orchestra, organ and recorded voice 2016
Orgelskipet for organ, carillon and sinfonietta 2016
Wind Sculptures for sheng and orchestra 2016
Miranda alene for viola solo 2015
The Schubert Moment re-composition of Franz Schuberts dances - work in progress 2015
Knut sine stemmer for the commemoration of Knut Nystedt 2015
Eg søv, men hjartet vakar for speaking voice and string orchestra 2015
Stormen - The Tempest A children's opera 2014
Deep Toccata for organ and orchestra 2014
Piano Miniatures 1-2-3 for piano solo 2014
Orgelsyntese Total music for the inauguration of an organ 2013
Passacaglia Meltdown work in progress 2013
Travelling Songs for folk singers and ensemble 2012
Venezia for wind orchestra 2011
Game of Three Piano trio 2011
Yet the sea is never full choir, sax. quartet 2010
Concerto Grosso for 22 string players 2010
Interludes for Buxtehude to "Jesu membra nostri" 2010
Catch Light violin + perc + orch 2009
Cello stories a cello concerto 2009
Mazurka - remaking Chopin for piano and Gypsy Orchestra 2009
Resonans Carillon + electronics 2008
Beats, Bridges, Ruptures and Games organ + percussion   2008
Close at Distance Yang Qin + orchestra 2008
The bloom is not a bloom for 5 male voices 2008
Trout collaborative work for a dance performance 2008
Bakkantinnene theatre music to "The Bacchai" of Euripide 2007
Griegs akkord for brass ensemble & harp 2007
Grader av hvitt Speaking voice, orchestra   2007
Grand Mutation Organ and electronics, with Lasse Marhaug 2005
Farteins hage Sound installation 2005
Rift organ, percussion, dancers 2004
Masinandraina music to a theatre play on Fartein Valen 2004
Wind Songs 2 girls' choirs + orchestra 2003
Broken Line for string quartet 2003
Nicht speaking voice + ensemble   2002
Scream soft tuba + percussion 2002
Orkan A cycle of pieces to Obstfelder's poems 2001
Glasshus saxophone quartet 2001
Chase sextet or string orch.   2001
Turba solo, choir, orchestra 2000