Nils Henrik Asheim was the initiator and host of this project where Olivier Messiaen's complete organ works were performed in one day. The concert spanned 9 hours in total, from 15:00 to 24:00. It was divided between 8 organists:  Jennifer Bate (UK), Thomas Ospital (FR), Lidia Książkiewicz (PL/FR), Kåre Nordstoga (NO), Thomas Lacôte (FR) Nils Henrik Asheim (NO), James McVinnie (UK), Colin Mark Andrews (UK/USA).

The concert took place in two rooms simultaneously. In the orchestra hall (Fartein Valen), the organists performed live and the audience was seated as in a conventional concert. The neighbouring hall (Zetlitz), a large "black box" venue, operated more like an arts installation space where the public was allowed to move freely around.

For a screening of the movie Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927), in Stavanger konserthus May 5, 2019, Nils Henrik Asheim devised a new score built on an extensive modification of the organ by means of MIDI controllers, iPads and Max/Msp software. Video documentation here

Two large works for organ and orchestra were completed and premiered in 2016: Orgelskipet and Sudden Landscapes.  Deep Toccata, also for organ and orchestra, was revised before a new premiere in April 2017 in Karlsruhe. We should also count in the Wind Sculptures, written for Sheng (Chinese mouth organ) and orchestra (2016).

Two small cycles of music for young organists have been published by Cantando Musikkforlag: Stop Motion Toccatas (level 2) and Små ting jeg har funnet (Small things I found) (level 1). Both are part of Pilegrim i Orgelsko project.

Nils Henrik Asheim is employed as organist of Stavanger Concert Hall since its opening in 2012.  Nils Henrik is in charge of the concert programme for the 65-stop organ from Ryde&Berg, developing different series of events and ways of artistic interaction. See:
the organ's own facebook page
Stavanger konserthus' webpage
the organ's youtube channel

In Nils Henrik Asheim's organ solo improvisations, the music is based on exploration of the instrument's sounds and possibilities. The musical language is related to contemporary classical music as well as to the free improvised genre (as in avantgarde jazz and sound art). A good example is the album release of Nils Henrik Asheim's solo concert entitled 19 March 2004, Oslo Cathedral, which received the Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy award).

Workshops in organ improvisation can be arranged for children, young people and students. An example of a workshop for diverse age group is "Pilgrim i orgelsko" which happened in Trondheim Cathedral in 2016.

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's Faust is a stunning epic from 1926, produced in German UFA studios, starring Gösta Ekman as Faust and Emil Jannings as Mephisto. Nils Henrik Asheim's set solo organ music to the film.

Orgelnatt - Organ Night - is a concept where Nils Henrik Asheim invites guest musicians to create a concert event around the organ, exploiting the instrument's abilitiy to create vast soundscapes. By help of time and space, we invite the audience to submerge in sound.  Orgelnatt has since 2013 been hosted by Stavanger konserthus. From April 2016 Orgelnatt also is travelling to new places, first to Bodø Cathedral.

This spans from merely arranging to complete re-composing. Works of Bach and Grieg are undergoing deep metamorphosis (Passacaglia Meltdown, and a work-in-progress on Grieg's Haugtussa), other pieces are being translated to a multi-organ-electronic idiom (Toccata Maxima), and some pieces simply arranged for the organ in a classical way (Grieg's Ballad, Debussy's l'Après-midi d'un faune, Saint-Saëns Carnaval of the animals etc). 

A collaboration with poet Øivind Rimbereid. Reading and improvised organ music. Øyvind Rimbereid wrote poems for the opening of the organ of Stavanger concert hall. Subsequently he expanded the project to the book "Orgelsjøen" (Ocean of Organ).