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Se Skogen for youth orchestra and groups of focus instruments 2021
House of Sound for orchestra 2019
Beethoven-nummeret for orchestra, organ and recorded voice 2016
Sudden Landscapes for organ and orchestra 2016
Orgelskipet for organ, carillon and sinfonietta 2016
Wind Scupltures for sheng, organ and orchestra 2016
Deep Toccata for organ and orchestra 2014
Catch Light concerto for violin, percussion & orch. 2009
Close At Distance for Yang qin and orchestra 2008
Grader av hvitt for speaking voice & orchestra 2007
Wind Songs for 2 girls' choirs & orchestra 2003
Turba for soli, choir & orchestra 2000
Don Giovanni Metamorphoses for orchestra 1997
Speil for orchestra 1987
Opening for orchestra 1983