Se Skogen

About the project:

Nils Henrik Asheim wrote short musical bits, and 76 young musicians all over Norway sent in their performance as video clips. The projects targets the "focus instruments": oboe, bassoon, harp, double bass and organ. All submitted clips have been used in the 5 videos, and we find the result amazing!

The video project started as a "covid idea", during the 2020 lockdown of the Corona pandemic. N.H.A. had already received the commission for Se Skogen - the live version, to be performed the same autumn, and now the whole thing got postponed. So why not use some of the planned musical material, invite young people to play the clips they choose at home, submit videos - and then splice it all together to video compositions?

Realized with invaluable help from Reidar and Lars at Chezville and Håvard at Sweet sounds.