Wind Scupltures

for sheng, organ and orchestra
Year of composition:
2222 4231 3perc sheng-solo str44462
22 min
2016-04-01, Stavanger Konserthus

excerpt from premiere

The premiere. As an introduction, 50 secs of silent dance in the windows.

This piece was written for the opening of the first Orgelkraft festival. It was designed for the lobby of the Stavanger concert hall, and for the specific situation of an organ festival opening. The orchestra is divided in 4 groups and spread on the galleries of the lobby. The soloist is placed in the middle, close to the public. The sheng represents a basic organ, and the energy from the musicians on the galleries is interpreted as the wind.

At the end of the piece, during the last looping chords, the soloist left the lobby for the concert space, followed by the audience. Wu Wei and Nils Henrik Asheim improvised on sheng and organ as the public got seated in the hall. Then, the musicians of the orchestra entered gradually on stage, in low light, playing improvised fragments on their instruments. When the orchestra finally was seated, the piece ended, and after the applaude the concert continued in more conventional way.

The future life of this piece is not decided, but it might very well be re-worked to a concerto for sheng and orchestra some time.