Travelling Songs

for folk singers and ensemble
Year of composition:
soprano, folk singers, violin, viola, cello, piano
20 min
Commissioned by:
Waterline Barents
2012-02-15, Grenselandmuseet

excerpt 1 (Anne-Lise B.+ singers from Arkhangelsk)

excerpt 2

excerpt 3 (singer from Nenets)

excerpt 4 (singer from Nenets)

excerpt 5 (Anne-Lise Berntsen)


Fortellinger på vandring / Travelling Songs are built around the folk music material provided and performed by singers from the Suzomje group (Arkhangelsk) and a Paraskovya Viucheiskaya, singer from Naryan Mar (Nenets autonomous Okrug, Russia).

Nils Henrik A. was invited to the project by Anne-Lise Berntsen. In 2009 they travelled to attend the Nenets song festival "Sava syo" in Naryan-Mar. Here they met and heard singer Paraskovya Vyucheyskaya from the Neney Syo group in Krasnoe settlement.

Three songs became the starting point for the composition. All songs are related to travelling. 1) a song of a Pomor fisherman who every year makes his way by land and by sea to the Eastern coast of Norway 2) A song of a Nenets man, who all his life nomads from one season to another; 3) a favorite song of Norwegians that moved to the Ribachiy Peninsula in the 19th century and their descendants who met with stern tests in Stalin's time.

The premiere took place in 2012 , as a tour of Finnmark and Russia. Norwegian premiere: Kirkenes, Febr. 15, and Russian premiere in Arkhangelsk, Febr. 22. Naryan Mar: Febr. 22.

Travelling Songs ensemble
Paraskovya Viucheiskaya in front
NB noter