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Learn to Wait for String quartet 2022
Marna vs. Sleipner for quartet & ship engines 2020
Useful Ball Skills for violin and double bass 2020
Hornflowers for brass quintet 2019
Singing Stones for brass quintet and organ 2017
Game Of Three piano trio 2011
Broken Line for string quartet 2003
Nicht for speaking voice & ensemble 2002
Glass House for saxophone quartet 2001
Chase for sextet or string orchestra 2001
Orkan A cycle of pieces to Obstfelder's poems 2001
Navigo for violin and cello 1999
Medusa for oboe quartet 1999
Burning Ice for brass quintet & percussion 1999
Summer’s Play for violin and piano 1992
Vannspeil for piano trio 1985
Genesis for string quartet 1982
Ensemble Music for 5 fl, cl, vln, vlc, perc 1977