Kitchen Baroque

About the project:

Kitchen Orchestra and Stavanger Baroque are joining forces in this project curated and lead by Nils Henrik Asheim. A set of Italian baroque pieces in adventurous arrangements crossing from contemporary experimental to jazz - with a lot of humour.

Performers at the Greifswald concert, May 5, 2013:

Stavanger Barokk:
Elin Aase, sopran
Gustavo Gargiulo, zink
Karolina Radziej, fiolin
Josef Maria Antonio, gambe
Ulrik Gaston Larsen, lutt
Hans Knut Sveen, Cembalo.

Kitchen Orchestra:
Stine Motland, vokal
Petter Fadnes, sax
Vidar Schanche, gitar
Didrik Ingvaldsen, trompet
Johan Egdetveit, akkordeon
Thomas Bang, bass


PROGRAMME (all pieces arranged and re-composed by Nils Henrik Asheim)

Battalla - Andrea Falconeri
Tu ch'hai le penne Amore - Guilio Caccini
Che si puo fare - Barbara Strozzi
Ohimè ch'io cado - Claudio Monteverdi
Si dolce il tormento - Claudio Monteverdi
Ciaccona - Andrea Falconieri
Canzonetta Spirituale sopra la nanna - Tarquino Merula
La Follia (traditional)
Se l'aura spira - Girolamo Frescobaldi
Usurpator Tiranno - Giovanni Felice Sances
Chiome d'oro - Claudio Monteverdi


a little selection of highlights