About the project:

The project involves 11 musicians and has support from EEA Grants etc.

Info on musicians, project, tour dates etc:


In the project Angrusori, initiated by Kitchen Orchestra, Tou Scene (Stavanger, Norway) and Cinefil (Kosice, Slovakia), Roma musicians from Slovakia meet Norwegian musicians.

The subject is the Roma songs and musical practice re-interpreted.

The musicians meet twice during Autumn 2016 and twice during Spring 2017, ending with a recording session and public performance at Tou Scene, Stavanger, end of April.

Violinist/singer Iva Bittová also participates in the project. The contact with the Roma musicians is supervised by Zudro / Jana Belisova.


"The result is a mesmerizing and moving glimpse of the soul of a secluded society, told through a musical fusion that foregrounds tradition: timeless songs of heartbreak, illness and poverty take centre stage, augmented by the subtlest of improvisatory gambits". (The Wire Magazine)

"I would say that within the framework of Angrusori a new, multi-layered aesthetics got life, [...] All in all, an amazing project that I sincerely recommend to all lovers of non-standard music." (Jazzquad, Russia)

"The result is a spontaneous and fascinating work. Lyrics and popular narratives blend with melancholy and unbridled rhythms. Significant." 5/5 (Il Manifesto, Italia)

"Brilliant musicianship, vocalists with soul, inventiveness, guts, courage, perfect balance between past and present." 6/6 (Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway)