Mapping, visuals, organ cinema

The concert hall organ's façade is an eye-catcher of sorts. Why not use exactly this in a transformative way. I had the pleasure to work with amazing visual artists and learn a little bit of skills myself.

On Stavanger concert hall's youtube playlist Orgelnatt you will see some of the video mapping and light design done on the organ façade over the years.

Using a screen: In the Christmas programme Mysteriets ansikter (Faces of Mystery) I developed a way of animating classical paintings. The performance alternates between Baroque/Renaissance pieces and improvisations.

As for silent movies, I myself have created music for a few big epics: Murnau's Faust, Carl Th.Dreyer's Markens Grøde (Growth of the Soil), Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the latter one as a double projection, combining screen and façade mapping and with extended organ technology.

See videos below.