Composing for the organ - there will be more!

To write down what I create on the organ is, I have to admit, a challenge. But I am working at it ! In my catalogue there are scores for organ solo, organ with choir and not the least a few pieces for organ and orchestra.

This stuff you will easily find on the Works page of this website, using the filter organ.

The solo pieces Orgeleik and Koralfantasi are from early years. Then followed a gap in time, maybe a result of my turn to improvisation and following obsession with the phenomenon of sound in the moment.

Now I have plans for large cycle of short solo pieces. An Organ Book or something like that. You won't believe it but I have recordings and written sketches for this cycle that are more than 10 years old. Be patient !

My compositions for organ and orchestra are not typical organ concertos but more like the Sinfonia concertante - orchestra pieces with a highlighted organ part. I am fascinated by the way the two sounding bodies can complement eachother.

The main works of this class are Weightless Gold, Sudden Landscapes (see video below), and Deep Toccata.

Let's also mention Wind Sculptures, written for Sheng and orchestra with participation of organ (see video below), and Orgelskipet for carillon, organ and orchestra, currently withdrawn for revision.

Salmenes Bok (The Book of Psalms), for choir, has an elaborate part for two organs. Released on this album.