Orkan cover
Album description/subtitle:
Lyrical music to words and sounds of poet Sigbjørn Obstfelder
Release year:
  • Anne-Lise Berntsen, Vocals
  • Øystein Birkeland, Cello
  • Kjetil Skøien, Spoken voice
  • Nils Henrik Asheim, Piano, composition
About the album:

ORKAN: Lyrical music to the words and sounds of a poet

Music: Nils Henrik Asheim | Lyrics: Sigbjørn Obstfelder

The music featured in ORKAN is written in the period 1993-2000, all to the words of Norwegian early modernist poet Sigbjørn Obstfelder (1866-1900). After having been performed as a theatrical piece, the music was recorded on CD and released May 31, 2007 at the Literature Festival, Lillehammer.

Album published by:
Aurora (ACD5050)
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