Grieg and Tveitt on the organ

Grieg and Tveitt on the organ cover
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Edvard Grieg: Ballade / Geirr Tveitt: Hundrad Hardingtonar (excerpts)
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  • Nils Henrik Asheim, organ performance and transcriptions

Asheim opened up new horizons. We heard the pieces as new, different, but with the rich sonorities from Tveitt’s compositions taken care of.

—  Arnfinn Bø-Rygg, Stavanger Aftenblad, 2018-06-25

Asheim gir musikken magi som i «Huldrahaugjen», mystikk som i «Folgafodne fortel ingjenting». Ja, og i de mildt sagt brautende «Storskrytarstev» og «Hardingøl», får organisten musikken til å gnistre.

—  Trond Erikson, Den klassiske CD-bloggen, 2018-08-18
About the album:

Do the best classical works have anything to gain from transcription to the organ? What new dimensions can be explored? Nils Henrik Asheim attempts to answer these questions and more by transferring both Edvard Grieg’s “Ballade” and Geirr Tveitt’s “Hundrad Hardingtonar” to the concert organ’s color palette.

The “Ballade” is Grieg’s greatest work for solo piano. Through a magnificent, epic range of variations over a Norwegian folk song, he wrote away his grief over the loss of his parents, his marital problems, and his artistic stagnation. Asheim’s organ edition closely follows these restless mood changes, from the lyrical to the triumphant.

Geir Tveitt hit a gold mine when he combined folk tunes from Hardanger with his unique sense of harmony and orchestration. Asheim took inspiration from the lush spectrum of colors of the Hundrad Hardingtonar version for orchestra and pulled out the organ’s entire stock of creative sound combinations for the task. This selection counts 18 tunes, from the poignant “Vélkomne med Æra” to the hypnotic “Hardingøl" to the mystical “Folgafodne fortél ingjenting."

After five years, Asheim believes that the instrument of the Stavanger Concert Hall is ripe for its first CD release. The 65-stop concert organ from Ryde & Berg in Fredrikstad has been praised for its organic, warm sound and is frequently used by performers from Norway and abroad.

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LAWO Classics (LWC1151)
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