Title Orgelskipet
Description for organ, carillon and sinfonietta
Year 2016
Instrumentation 1111 1110 perc elpiano carillon organ strings11111
Duration 20 minutes
Commissioned by Bodø Internasjonale Orgelfestival
Premiere April 22, 2016, Bodø. Arctic Sinfonietta, cond.Kai Grinde Myrann, Bjørn Andor Drage, organ, Vegar Sandholt, carillon. Bodø International Organ Festival



The score is under revision - please contact the composer.


The piece is designed for the opening of a concert. The carillon plays a circa 10 minutes prelude (can be looped to any length) as the public enters the church. The sound from the bells is also amplified, and played back on loudspeakers inside the church. In this way, the carillon prelude is heard both by the public outside and inside the church.

At the start of the concert, the orchestra starts to play,  the organ also, and the music evolves from the sound of the bells.  The carillon continues to play during the first minutes of the piece, and returns for the ending.

The carillon player must have visual and auditive monitoring in order to be able to follow the conductor and the orchestra.