Title The bloom is not a bloom
Description for 5 male voices
Year 2008
Instrumentation Vocal group TTBBB
Duration 5 min
Commissioned by Stavanger International Chamber Music Festival
Premiere Tou Scene, Hilliard Ensemble, 17aug 2008

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The Bloom is not a Bloom
Bai Juyi

Character by character, the Chinese poem reads:

Bloom not bloom mist not mist
Night half come heaven bright go
Come like spring dream how long time?
Go like morning cloud not find place

Which gives, translated into English grammar:

The bloom is not a bloom,  the mist not mist,
At midnight she comes,  and goes again at dawn.
She comes like a spring dream- how long will she stay?
She goes like morning cloud, without a trace.

Bloom Chinese


The occasion for this commission was Nils Henrik Asheim's engagement as Composer in Residence (Festivalkomponist) for the Stavanger International Chamber Music Festival.