Title Venezia
Description for wind orchestra
Year 2011
Instrumentation 2 fl, ob, 4 cl, bscl, 3 sax, bsn, 3 tpt, 4 hrn, 2 trbn, bstrbn, euph, tuba, 3 perc
Duration 15 min
Commissioned by The Norwegian Armed Forces Band, Western Norway (Forsvarets Musikkorps Vestlandet - FMKV) with support from Arts Council Norway (Norsk KulturrÄd)
Premiere March 22, 2011, HĂ„konshallen, Bergen Forsvarets musikkorps Vestlandet (The Norwegian Armed Forces Band, Western Norway), cond. Peter Szilvay



A piece about being under and over water. Venice, as an example, changing appearance with the sea level. Tidal waters regularly flood the streets, turning the surface of Venice from solid to fluid.

During the city’s 1600 years of existence the sea rose 2,5 meters. Population already started to decrease. Global sea level rise is accelerating. Many civilizations will be exposed to similar situations as Venice. Our point of reference is changing, an unknown x. How to prepare for this.

”Venezia” is scored for two wind orchestra groups, at each side of the room. The inspiration is taken from Venezian master Giovanni Gabrieli, who used the two lofts of the Cathedral of Saint Marco to juxtapose orchestral ”choirs”. Two opposing sonorities, linked through their common element: the acoustics, or the water if you want. The image of a city, over and under water.