Title Orgelsyntese
Description Total music for the inauguration of an organ
Year 2013
Instrumentation Organ, wind instruments, percussion instruments, ship horns, electronics, dancers and narrator.
Duration 8 min
Premiere Stavanger concert hall, February 22, 2013



"Organ Synthesis" was written for the opening festival of the organ of Stavanger concert hall. It asks for different kinds of wind and percussion players surrounding the audience on high balconies. The music is a site-specific and time-specific composition that could be adapted to other contexts.

The original scoring, adapted to the resources from Stavanger culture school, Stavanger Katedralskole and Universitetet i Stavanger,  was for 8 flutes, oboe, 6 clarinets, 2 sax, 7 trumpets, horn, 11 trombones, euphonium, tuba, a number of percussion players, dancers, and actors.

The basic idea is the creation of the organ sound, through its basic elements wind, wood, metal, hands and feet.

The piece is connected to a poem of Øyvind Rimbereid, from "Orgelsjøen".
Nils Henrik Asheim played the organ part and Anders Dale read the poem.