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Paal Nilssen-Love, drums
Nils Henrik Asheim, organ
Improvised music recorded in Oslo Cathedral

Recorded in Oslo Cathedral 2006. PNL records.

“Late Play is a duet with organist Nils Henrik Asheim but there’s nothing remotely greasy about it. It’s an austere, stark, ominous work, with Asheim creating a dark, hovering atmosphere of doom—almost with an ambient electronic veneer, but much heavier. The drummer focuses on complementary textures–lots of high-frequency scraping, tactile rubbing, and concentrated clatter.” (Chicago reader)

…For this fine disc, Paal has teamed up with an organist, not your obvious choice for a partner. As Nils makes those spooky organ sounds, Paal provides equally suspense-filled and ritualistic-sounding percussion. Paal does a great job of evoking strange spirits by rubbing his cymbals and drums in his own way. Most of these pieces begin with Paal’s distinctive percussion sounds, which are most expressive, but not consistently rhythm-based. The entire CD is feels like a dream-like journey through a graveyard and other disturbing places that angels fear to tread.” Downtown Music Gallery