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Edvard Grieg's Ballade opus 24 and Geirr Tveitts Hundrad Hardingtonar (selection), transcribed for the organ by Nils Henrik Asheim. Played on the Ryde&Berg organ of Stavanger Concert Hall.
“Asheim is a skilled virtuoso, and he manages to create clarity in the most breathless parts of Grieg…

I can perceive a dramatical thread through the whole piece, which is unusual… All in all, this record is quite a find. The music is fabulously played, the works are just as well re-composed through both transcription and registrations.” (Klassekampen)

“Asheim opened up new horizons. We heard the pieces as new, different, but with the rich sonorities from Tveitt’s compositions taken care of.” (Stavanger Aftenblad)

“The enormous power of the organ turns Grieg’s Ballade to a much mightier piece than ususal… The granite-hard force of the mountains unleash cascades of sound. It sounds heavenly and almost supernatural… Geirr Tveitts Hardingtones appear with a simple, melodic beauty, in a completely different way than in the orchestra or piano versions.” (Kulturspeilet)

“In a superb way Asheim unveils the excellences of sound in the organ of Stavanger concert hall. Tveitt… is a guide into the halls of Nature mysticism, through sounds that Norway had not heard before. This is what Asheim, a true master of the organ, reveals with both smoothness and virtuososity.” (Vårt Land)

"Not only are the pieces given new life in unexpected ways - the organ as an instrument itself appears refreshingly unfamiliar. The huge instrument-machine engenders a sound that oscillates between concrete connotation and abstract figure." (Morgenbladet)