6 free remixes of Asheim/Vertavo CD "Broken Line", by Stavanger-based electronic composers.
"...presenting highly individual takes on the subject ...  an overview of the experimental electronic music scene in Stavanger."  sample1 |   sample2 |   sample3

Contributions by: Sindre Bjerga, Kurt Bolianatz, Jan-Morten Iversen, Anders Gjerde, Helge Olav Øksendal, Pål Asle Pettersen. Zang Records.


On March 17, we arranged a release concert for the string quartet CD Broken Line at Tou Scene in Stavanger. The Vertavo Quartet did not have the possibility to attend.  Instead, I had invited a few of my friends that work with electronic music to create new compositions over their preferred selections from the disc.

The result turned such a nice music that we all wished to make it a new release. I was very happy for the music, both for the original Broken Line disc that had taken me eight years to complete, and for the fact that new, interesting music could emerge from it during one single evening in March 2007.

Nils Henrik Asheim

"Thus, the record achieves what any project of this sort should in an ideal world: Telling us something new about both the artist to be remixed and about his remixers. In the case of Nils Henrik Asheim, one can learn that his perspective may be even broader than expected. That his music holds the potential of inspiring artists from the most diverse corners. That the work of a single day may be just as valuable as the hardships of eight years. And that all of these things are very, very sacred to him."
Tobias Fischer, Tokafi

"The end result, six solo tracks and an all group improvisation (trimmed down to seven minutes) are affairs of loops, samples and gritty electronics. Some wander into the field of rhythm like QRT and HOH, but mostly it stays in moody, atmospheric fields of music, like Iversen, but some noise is there too, by Gjerde. A nice compilation for sure that perhaps acts now as just another fine compilation, and less as a remix CD." Vital weekly

"... a very diverse album, presenting highly individual takes on the subject and at the same time giving an overview of the experimental electronic music scene in Stavanger." Earlabs