hovedbilde ut 1005

We are extremely excited to announce Organotopia, a large-scale event happening during Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. On September 17, 2022, a 12 hour long concert conceived by composer/organist Nils Henrik Asheim will take place in Paulus Church and at the same time be mirrored in the adjacent Birkelunden park. The architects Søstra100 are responsible for visual installations in the park.

The music is an open score based on fragments and elements from works of classical composers, interpreted by an ensemble of organists an keyboard musicians, joined by singers from different traditions. A simultaneous electronic remix of this is performed over a loudspeaker array in the park. Dancers will perform actions among the public, and as the sun sets, video projections will take over the scene in the park.

Explore the project's website organotopia.no which follows the development of the project both in music, visuals and stories. It contains an evolving archive of stories from the Birkelunden park, told by the public and serving as material for development of the artistic content of the project.


Nils Henrik Asheim – concept, artistic direction, music
Søstra100 (Mira Hahn, Stina Molander Skavlan, Julie Barfod) – visual design, process
Boya Bøckman – projections, light
Roza Moshtaghi - choreography
Øyvind Brandtsegg - sound design and programming


Sofia Jernberg, Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, Det norske jentekor, Reshail Mansoor, Juliana Venter, Simin Tander, Håkon Kornstad, Halvor Håkanes, Evelina Petrova, Øystein Elle, Marja Mortensson

Organists/keyboard players:

Jean-Baptiste Monnot, Susanne Kujala, Hampus Lindwall, Guoste Tamulynaite, Daniel Buner Formo, Jonas Cambien, Vojtěch Procházka, Nils Henrik Asheim

Collaborators and supporters:
Khio, NTNU, Notam, Elvebakken skole, Paulus kirke, Norsk kulturråd, Bergesen-stiftelsen, Siemens, Institut Français Norge, Oslo kommune and more.