lwc1221 nynorsk messingkvintett nils henrik asheim hornflowers cover

I really like this album. Lawo has compiled five works of Nils Henrik Asheim (f. 1960) involving brass instruments [...] and what a lively and varied programme they make up.

Nils Henrik Asheim develops a lively and varied language [...] he shapes his music in a narratively poetic way.

The ease in Asheim's handling of musical ideas, often tied to a construction of interesting tensions, are felt from the first note [...] presented with skill and assurance.

On this recording, NyNorsk Messingkvintett are presenting some new and some slightly older pieces that really enrich the repertoire. [...] a musical result that is both descriptive and fascinating to listen to.

Here Asheims shows his individuality as a composer. He makes this seeming chaos sound beautiful. Wild outbursts without tonality alternate with recognizable chords, arpeggi and melodic fragments. The balance between the unsettling and the soothing is wonderful.