New disc out on Hudson Records. "Angrusori", a collaboration between Slovak Roma musicians and Kitchen Orchestra, led by Iva Bittová and Nils Henrik Asheim.  Full release May 7 2021. Already acclaimed by critics:

"The result is a mesmerizing and moving glimpse of the soul of a secluded society, told through a musical fusion that foregrounds tradition: timeless songs of heartbreak, illness and poverty take centre stage, augmented by the subtlest of improvisatory gambits". (The Wire Magazine)

"I would say that within the framework of Angrusori a new, multi-layered aesthetics got life, [...] All in all, an amazing project that I sincerely recommend to all lovers of non-standard music." (Jazzquad, Russia)

"The result is a spontaneous and fascinating work. Lyrics and popular narratives blend with melancholy and unbridled rhythms. Significant." 5/5 (Il Manifesto, Italia)

"Brilliant musicianship, vocalists with soul, inventiveness, guts, courage, perfect balance between past and present." 6/6 (Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway)