The first performance of Muohta was given by the Norwegian Soloists' Choir and Ensemble Allegria. Muohta is Sami for "Snow" and the piece is based on 18 snow-related words from that language. Performances took place in Nøtterøy and Vang churches, and finally on October 28 in Oslo, Universitetets Aula. Grete Pedersen conducted.

This piece was commissioned for a concert programme that also featured The Seasons (excerpts) by Joseph Haydn. Click below for more info...

First, the "Summer" was played, and during the end of the last movement, the wind players left the stage one by one (just like in Haydn's Farewell Symphony). Then, the soft chords of Muohta started, without any break between. A stunning transition - a brilliant idea by Grete Pedersen.  Here is this moment from the concert: 

And here is a video explaining some of the ideas behind (in Norwegian)


muohta applaus