I had the great pleasure to work again with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, this time for a commentary on Beethoven. The occasion was the Norwegian Culture Council's annual conference, which took place in Stavanger konserthus. I was asked to conceive something around the theme of The Critic, and contacted the author Øyvind Rimbereid. We had worked together before, on the Orgelsjøen project. I fed him with my ideas on deconstructing Beethoven, and my plan to include quotations from his contemporary critics (which varied between elevated praise and completely lack of understanding). I also wanted to create an involvment in the audience, asking them to use their mobile phones, both to disturb them a bit and to make them ideally participate in the large choir of opinions, the of critics, of likes and dislikes (even of the voices of the "millions" of the Ode to Joy).  

These ideas found some resonance and resulted in a poem in four parts. The text was read by Øyvind, recorded and played back. Instructions to the public were shown on the wall, as well as a number of quotations from the critics of Beethoven's time. All four movements of the Ninth Symphony are quoted in my piece, mostly by the orchestra, the organ part being a counter-voice. The title: "Beethoven-nummeret"

The piece was rehearsed in quite short time and recorded with not entirely optimal setup, but this video gives some impression anyway.