This recording is a by-product of Mazurka – Remaking Chopin, my collaborative project with Gjertrud’s Gypsy Orchestra, which was released as a CD in 2010. On it we explored Frédéric Chopin’s Mazurkas and created new versions with traditional dance music from Central Europe as our most important point of reference.


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We used a Collard & Collard square piano from the 1830s, which we found at Ulefos Hovedgård in Telemark. This instrument gave a lot of input to the very playing of Chopin's music.

With that arose the idea of recording the Mazurkas in their original editions — on the square piano.  Release: October 2013. Lawo Classics.

Here is a preview where you can compare the solo version (from the new release) with the "remake" version.