I'm back from long and sunny summer's stay in the Valdres valley, where I combined mountain walks with working sessions. The project on my desk is "Stormen" - the Tempest - a children's opera commissioned by the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, due to be performed in June 2014. Rune Belsvik wrote the libretto, inspired by Shakespeare's drama.


There are a couple of deadlines this autumn - the first one being a meeting and try-out with the choir on September 7. I have already said hello to these kids and heard them perform, and I am really thrilled, they are very talented and well trained.

The other project I am doing in parallel is writing my new Organ concerto, for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra March 20 next year.

Two organ performances I am doing myself in Stavanger Concert Hall this Autumn: Faust, improvisation to a silent movie, Sept.1, and Orgelnatt, Oct.25. The new organ works very well, its colors are rich and warm, the touch is very much to my taste. Already now we notice that the instrument sounds louder and fuller than at the opening in February. It's a magnificent 65-stop organ by Ryde & Berg that matches the sound of the orchestra very successfully.

I am curating and presenting the organ's concert series. It's a great pleasure to welcome the world's finest artists here. Jean Guillou is coming this October - Thomas Trotter, Kevin Bowyer and Wayne Marshall already played here in Spring. And the instrument has been heard by more than 10.000 people. I feel I am holding a privileged position.

A different event this Autumn will be the release of "Mazurka - researching Chopin". A spinoff-project of my former Mazurka-project (the one labeled "remaking"). Why I choose to do a plain classical piano CD? I hope the recording, made on a 1830 square piano, will answer.