Tou Camp 2012 was the second issue of a festival spanning a whole month, at Tou Scene, Stavanger. Nils Henrik Asheim who initiated the festival was once again the artistic director. The programme, that boasted a 100 events and gathered 7.500 people, included dance, theatre, visual arts, interactive installations, workshops, kids' programme, seminars and of course a great number of excellent concerts by local, national and international artists. 

The main project ID-Camp was based on interviews with 30 Stavanger residents and evolved on the theme of identity, into several directions.  Tuvan throatsinger Sainkho Namtchylak headlined the opening night, an event that explored almost all available spaces at Tou and started with an outdoor performance where the public was surrounded by singers, from rooftops, stairs and windows. Read also the Tou Camp blog.