Here are a few soundclips from Concerto Grosso, premiered June 2nd in Grieghallen.






The Dextra Musica fund has invested in valuable string instruments and donated them to outstanding Norwegian musicians.  22 of these guys on the same stage created a thrilling sound.

See picture:
Far left:
Vertavo string quartet. Far right: Oslo string quartet.
Back row, violins:
Henning Kraggerud, Guro Kleven Hagen, Atle Sponberg, Ragnhild Hemsing, Anders Nilsson, Eldbjørg Hemsing, Stephan Barratt-Due, Elise Båtnes.
Front row, celli:
Øystein Birkeland, Ernst Simon Glaser, Ole Eirik Ree, Sandra Lied Haga, Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvågen.  Bass: Dan Styffe
Rolf Gupta

The event was both connected to an instrument exhibition and to a celebration of legendary violinist Ole Bull 200 years. Many agendas to satisfy, maybe a lengthy concert desperately crying for a curator... none the less, full house and ovations.

Review: Mye stryk og lite regi (Bergens Tidende)