For the interested, it's possible to see the BACCHAI (Bakkantinnene ) at Rogaland Teater from now and until Christmas. I made the music for the piece, featuring live electronic processing of voices and "sound walls", and some pre-recorded material. It has been a very good cooperational project with director Kim Dambæk and the crew of the theatre.


The local newspapers have written quite acknowledging about the performance, at the same time they feel a need to put labels on the public and assume who likes what.

No doubt they want to help you. Now I will help them in return, to visualize this, here is the Stavanger media's opinion about YOU:

very FEW of you like this: very MANY of you like this:

Bakkantinnene Makta

If this suits your profile, you can safely plan a visit to Stavanger, European Capital of Culture 2008
- an event of which the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad is one of the main sponsors.

Here's a few soundfiles from Saturday nov.3's performance of Bakkantinnene. If you want to listen, please put on headphones or something hi-fi that renders the details.
You hear the voice of Janny Hoff Brekke

[sound files temporarily not available]

Here, the soundwalls played by Øystein Martinsen and Anders Dale, over the voice of Glenn André Kaada

And the music which my wife Anne calls "the bubbles" (voice belongs to Øystein)

Maybe we'll update with more soundfiles later. But, nothing is like seeing the play LIVE ! Come on.